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Looking for authentic yogic teachings? 

Our mission is to find and bring to you the most authentic and valuable books on yoga and tantra. If you are a seeker on the spiritual path, you have a love for yoga and want to dive deeper in the knowledge the antient Indian masters had left, follow us. Samyama is the combined practice of the higher limbs of yoga, namely concentration, meditation and samadhi. If that is what you are after, check our recommendations and follow us on social media, if you would like to know what we are working on at the moment.

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Yoga Mithology. 64 Asanas and Their Stories

Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik writes, illustrates and lectures on the relevance of mythology in modern times. He has, since 1996, written over fifty books and 1000 columns on how stories, symbols and rituals construct the subjective truth (myths) of ancient and modern cultures around the world. We are looking forward to translate and publish in Bulgaria one of our favourite books. The stories here have a very good combination of lessons from three ancient religions, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. The fantastic part of each  is how the same story has different learnings in each of these three religions.
Check our blog for review of the book.


Chakras Energy Centers of Transformation

Harish Johari

In the ancient science of Tantra, the human body is viewed as the most perfect instrument for the expression of conciousness, a perfection realized through the development of psychic centers known as chakras. Located within the cerebrospinal system, the chakras are the stage upon which the interaction between higher consciousness and desire is played out. Consequently, it is through understanding and utilizing the energies of the chakras that we ultimately reach an enlightened state of being. In Chakras, Indian scholar and Tantra practitioner Harish Johari introduces the classical principles of the chakras as well as their practical application for today. In this revised and expanded edition, complete with new color paintings and black-and-white illustrations, Johari unfolds the mysteries of these subtle centers of transformation with visualization techniques essential to a fully realized tantric practice. He explains each chakra's connection to colors, sounds, sense and work organs, desires, the elements, planets, and deities, as well as the behavioral characteristics and effects of meditation for the chakras. Meditating on the beautiful, full-color paintings of each chakra vitalizes the cerebrospinal centers and harmonizes the entire system both physically and psychically.


Dhanwantari: A Complete Guide to the Ayurvedic Life

Harish Johari

Dhanwantari, named for the classical Indian god of medicine, is a complete guide to living the Ayurvedic way. Chapters focus on diet, breathing, bathing, meditation, sleeping, exercising, medicine, jewelry, and sex. Anyone seeking a spiritual, scientific, and practical set of principles for daily life will discover an excellent guide in this time-tested system. By improving the health of their bodies and minds, individuals will find that a greatly expanded breadth of life experiences is suddenly open to them.

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Devoted. Insightful. Brilliant.

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Founder and CEO

Elena Nikolova, PhD

Engineer by education, bookworm by nature and yogini by heart. After doing yoga for more than 15 years, chosing the path of bringing true teachings to other yogis was inevitable. The joy of discovering and reading ancient wisdom is just to great to ignore.

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